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The Home Cleaning Market Looks Strong Going Into 2024

Grand News Network | January 30, 2024

The UK home cleaning market is flourishing into 2024, driven by a surge among under-35s hiring cleaners, with 40% in this group using such services. The shift towards remote work and increased hygiene awareness post-Covid has further propelled demand. Despite economic challenges, the sector remains resilient, with spending growing by 50% over six years. Once a luxury, home cleaning is now increasingly seen as essential, marking a significant shift in household priorities.

Sittingbourne, United Kingdom, 30th Jan 2024 – The UK’s home cleaning market continues to grow and outperform other sectors. It’s an interesting sector to look at and analyse recent trends.

The Home Cleaning Market Looks Strong Going Into 2024

Before the Covid pandemic, the number of households engaging a cleaner was growing, partly due to an ageing population, but mainly due to an increasing trend of under-35s to have a cleaner. Indeed 40% of those under 35, who have their own home, have a cleaner. That compares to around 15% in other age groups.

There has been a real shift over the last 10 years in the under-35 age group where they are much more likely than any other age group to spend money on things that make their life more enjoyable. They are therefore more likely to hire a cleaner so that they can spend more time at weekends doing the things they prefer to do. This is clearly a generational shift as the trend has continued post-Covid.

Since the pandemic, more people have remained working either fully, or partly, from home. This has also driven increasing demand in the home cleaning sector as homes are used more during the day now than before.

The other trend post-Covid is a much greater awareness of hygiene and cleanliness. This has also driven more people to bring in cleaning services for the home. Cleaning has become a greater priority for many and one which tends not to be affected by the economy.

Financial headwinds tend not to affect the domestic cleaning market greatly as people’s homes still get dirty regardless of what is going on in the economy. As Diamond Home Support’s Managing Director says “Dust still settles in a recession”.

The cost-of-living crisis during 2023 did not, therefore, significantly affect how people cleaned their homes. They have continued to place a high priority on cleaning services. Over the past 6 years expenditure on home cleaning services has grown almost 50%. That outperforms most other sectors significantly.

As Andrew Watton, Diamond Home Support’s Managing Director, says “What we have seen over the last 10 years is a continuous movement towards households placing a greater priority on home cleaning. Prior to that home cleaning services were rather thought of as a luxury, now they are increasingly being considered essential.”


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